Victory on the Homefront Enamel Badge

Victory on the Homefront Enamel Badge

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Victory on the Homefront Enamel Badge

"Remembering those brave British soldiers who were killed in Dublin during the 1916 Rebellion"

On Saturday 29th April 1916, the rebels surrendered. Rebel leader James Connolly had been seriously wounded and it was Patrick Pearse that formally surrendered.

On Sunday 30th, the defeated rebels were marched across Dublin to prison.

As the prisoners marched to Richmond Barracks, crowds of Dubliners stood at the kerbsides to hoot and jeer them, ‘Shoot the traitors!’, they cried. ‘Bayonet the bastards!’

In one of the poorer quarters the shawlies pelted them with rotten vegetables and the more enthusiastic disgorging the contents of their chamber pots over the beaten rebels.

Only days before, rebels were responsible for taking the lives of so many British soldiers, but
as they marched to prison those who had surrendered reported that it was in fact the same British soldiers who saved them from being attacked by their fellow Dubliners whose views the rebels purported to represent.

The British soldiers killed should be remembered, just as those who died in foreign lands, are remembered. The sacrifice made by Britain’s Gallant Sons ensured that German guns were silenced on both the Western and Home fronts.

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32mm x 24mm

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