The Border Cleansing Book
The Border Cleansing Book

The Border Cleansing Book

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The Border Cleansing Book


In this heart-wrenching collection of true stories, readers are taken on a journey through the brutal reality of life in the border areas between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. With unflinching honesty and raw emotion, the survivors of these horrific atrocities share their stories of pain, loss, and grief.

Learn the full truth of the Kingsmill Massacre as told by the daughters of one of the ten victims, endorsed by Alan Black, who was shot eighteen times and survived; the untold story of the bomb that was set to explode 20 minutes after the Enniskillen bomb and of the children who stood beside it while terrorists watched nearby; the twelve-year-old boy who looked into the eyes of his father’s murderer; the dog lovers who were ambushed and killed in cold blood; the Christian fellowship that was surrounded and attacked as they worshipped; plus others. These stories will shock, horrify, and move readers to tears.

Find out the names and backgrounds of the individuals who were murdered in cold blood along the borders of Counties Down, Armagh, and Fermanagh.

If only these events along the border had never taken place, lives would have been spared, and over five hundred children would not have lost a parent; farmers would still have their land; the miscarriage of justice and cover-ups would never have happened, and those seeking to rewrite history would not have cause to do so.

With a powerful narrative and compelling characters, this is a must-read for anyone interested in the history of Ireland and the ongoing struggle that endures even to this day for peace in the region. Secrets, lies, cover-ups, and the slaughter of the innocent, as told by those who were there during The Border Cleansing.

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