Omagh Bombing 25th Anniversary 2023 Pin Badge

Omagh Bombing 25th Anniversary 2023 Pin Badge

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Omagh Bombing 25th Anniversary Pin Badge

1998 - 2023


The Omagh bombing was a car bombing on th 15th August 1998 in the town of Omagh in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland,

It was carried out by a group calling themselves the Real Irish Republican Army (Real IRA), a Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA) splinter group who opposed the IRA's ceasefire and the Good Friday Agreement, signed earlier in the year.

The bombing killed 29 people and injured about 220 others, making it the deadliest single incident of the Troubles in Northern Ireland.

This badge has been produced in memory of the following:


James Barker, 12, Buncrana, Co Donegal. Originally from Surrey, England.

Fernando Blasco Baselga, 12, from Madrid, Spain.

Geraldine Breslin, 43, Omagh.

Deborah-Ann Cartwright, 20, Omagh.

Gareth Conway, 18, Carrickmore, Co Tyrone.

Breda Devine, 20 months, Donemana, Co Tyrone.

Oran Doherty, eight, Buncrana, Co Donegal.

Aiden Gallagher, 21, Omagh.

Esther Gibson, 36, Beragh, Co Tyrone.

Mary Grimes, 65, Beragh, Co Tyrone.

Olive Hawkes, 60, Omagh.

Julia Hughes, 21, Omagh.

Brenda Logue, 17, Omagh.

Ann McCombe, 45, Omagh.

Brian McCrory, 54, Omagh.

Samantha McFarland, 17, Omagh.

Sean McGrath, 61, Omagh.

Sean McLoughlin, 12, Buncrana, Co Donegal.

Jolene Marlow, 17, Omagh.

Avril Monaghan, 30, Augher, Co Tyrone (who was pregnant with twins).

Maura Monaghan, 18 months, Augher, Co Tyrone.

Alan Radford, 16, Omagh, Co Tyrone.

Rocio Abad Ramos, 23, Madrid, Spain.

Elizabeth Rush, 57, Omagh.

Veda Short, 46, Omagh.

Philomena Skelton, 39, Drumquin, Co Tyrone.

Fred White, 60, Omagh.

Bryan White, 27, Omagh.

Lorraine Wilson, 15, Omagh.

"We Will Always Remember Them"

35mm x 30mm

Butter Fly Clip

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