Northern Ireland Centennial Bench

Northern Ireland Centennial Bench

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Northern Ireland Centennial Bench

Long term value - In considering total cost, it is appropriate to consider material and production cost and the life cycle cost.

When total life cycle cost are considered, stainless steel is often the least expensive material option.

The cost saving benefit of the product having a long life expectancy.

• Rust & corrosion resistant - long lasting life.

• Hard wearing, built to last.

•High strength, stable base.

• Eco friendly, our stainless steel benches are 100% recyclable.


4ft Northern Ireland Centennial Bench £900 (VAT included).
5ft Northern Ireland Centennial Bench £1000 (VAT included).

Delivery time: Approx 8 weeks (Please note price does not include delivery).

If your group or organisation would prefer use cheque or BACS, and require a pro-forma invoice, please email or alternatively phone 07920746760.
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