M62 Coach Bombing 50th Anniversary 2024 Pin Badge

M62 Coach Bombing 50th Anniversary 2024 Pin Badge

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M62 Coach Bombing 50th Anniversary Pin Badge

1974 - 2024

The M62 Coach Bombing, sometimes referred to as the M62 Massacre, occurred on the 4th February 1974 on the M62 motorway in northern England, when a 25-pound (11 kg) IRA bomb hidden inside the luggage locker of a coach carrying off-duty British Armed Forces personnel and their family members exploded.

The explosion killed eleven people outright and wounded over thirty others, one of whom died four days later. Amongst the dead were nine soldiers – two from the Royal Artillery, three from the Royal Corps of Signals and four from the 2nd Battalion Royal Regiment of Fusiliers. Four of the servicemen killed in the bombing were teenagers and all but one of the serving personnel killed in the explosion hailed from Greater Manchester. Twelve others upon the coach suffered severe injuries, including a six-year-old boy.

One member of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers killed in the explosion was 23-year-old Corporal Clifford Haughton, whose entire family, consisting of his wife, Linda (also 23), and sons Lee, aged 5, and Robert, aged 2, were also killed.

To help raise awareness of this terrorist atrocity, and to let the families know they are still in our thoughts. This badge has been produced by the Ancre Somme Association Charity in memory of the following:

Bombardier Terence Griffin (24)
Gunner Leonard Godden (22)
Signalman Michael Waugh (23)
Signalman Leslie Walsh (17)
Signalman Paul Reid (17)
L/Cpl James McShane (29)
Fusilier Jack Hynes (20)
Fusilier Stephen Whalley (18)
Cpl Clifford Haughton (23)
Linda Haughton (23)
Lee Haughton (5)
Robert Haughton (2)

"We Will Always Remember Them"

35mm x 30mm

Butter Fly Clip

*Please note that further stock of this badge is not due until 29th February 2024

©ASA 2024

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