Lisburn Fun Run Bombing 35th Anniversary 2023 Pin Badge

Lisburn Fun Run Bombing 35th Anniversary 2023 Pin Badge

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Lisburn Fun Run Bombing 35th Anniversary 2023 Pin Badge

On the 15th June 1988 an unmarked military van carrying six British Army  soldiers was blown up by IRA terrorists at Market Place in Lisburn, Northern Ireland. The explosion took place at the end of a charity marathon run in which the soldiers had participated. All six soldiers were killed in the attack – four outright, one on his way to hospital and another later on in hospital.

Lisburn is the headquarters of the British Army in Northern Ireland. Four of the dead were from the Royal Corps of Signals  regiment whilst the other two were from the Green Howards and Royal Army Ordnance Corps regiments respectively. A booby-trap bomb was hidden under the  Ford Transit van in which the soldiers were travelling, and was designed in such a way that the blast went upwards to cause maximum damage to the vehicle. Eleven civilian bystanders were injured, including a two-year-old child and 80-year-old man.

This badge has been produced in memory of the following:

Sergeant Michael Winkler (31)

Signalman Mark Clavey (24)

Lance Corporal Graham Lambie (22)

Corporal William Patterson (22)

Corporal Ian Metcalf (36)

Lance Corporal Derek Green (20)

"We Will Always Remember Them"

35mm x 30mm

Butter Fly Clip

©ASA 2023

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