Bloody Friday 50th Anniversary 2022 Pin Badge

Bloody Friday 50th Anniversary 2022 Pin Badge

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Bloody Friday 50th Anniversary Pin Badge

1972 ~ 2022

Bloody Friday is the name given to the bombings by the IRA, in Belfast, on the 21st July 1972.

At least twenty bombs exploded in the space of eighty minutes, most within a half hour period. Most of them were car bombs and most targeted infrastructure, especially the transport network.

Nine people were killed, including two British soldiers and a member of the Royal Ulster Constabulary, and a further 130 injured, some of them horrifically mutilated.

Of those injured, 77 were women and children

This badge has been produced in memory of the following:

Driver Stephen Cooper (19) Royal Corps of Transport

Sgt Philip Price (27) Welsh Guards

Robert 'Jackie' Gibson (45) Royal Ulster Constabulary

Thomas Killops (39)

William Irvine (18)

William Crothers (15)

Margaret O'Hare (37)

Brigid Murray (65)

Stephen Parker (14)

"We Will Always Remember Them"

35mm x 30mm

Butter Fly Clip

©ASA 2022

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