Susan The Queen's Platinum Jubilee Mascot

Susan The Queen's Platinum Jubilee Mascot

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Susan The Queens's Platinum Jubilee Mascot

Susan was a Pembroke Corgi dog owned by Queen Elizabeth II that was given to her on her eighteenth birthday. Following the dog's death in 1959, the Queen personally designed a headstone for her grave at Sandringham House. Susan was the first of a long line of Corgis and Dorgis (Dachshund/Corgi crosses) owned by the Queen, all of them descended from Susan. The dogs have often accompanied the Queen in her public appearances, and have thus come to feature prominently in her public image.

Product size: 20cm sitting height / 29cm Total length(Sits unaided)

Material: Soft plush fur

Age rating: Suitable for all ages

This soft toy have been tested and conforms to European toy safety standards. (EN71) ensuring that you only receive the best quality products.

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