Purple Empire Poppy Teddy Bear

Purple Empire Poppy Teddy Bear

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Remembering the animals that served.

The Empire Poppy is an original design commissioned by the Ancre Somme Association in 2018.

The artwork was the idea of Association members who worked with Snowhite Design to design, what we believe to be, an image that relays perfectly our thoughts about those brave men and woman who fought, and continue to fight, for the freedoms we all take for granted today.

The bringing together of the hearts, that comprise the Empire Poppy, is our way of remembering all those who through various wars and confilcts, left these shores never to return. Leaving behind families who were left with only memories of those they had loved and lost.

Fluffy brown bear
Wonderfully soft fluffy body
100% Polyester T-Shirt
Soft-filled with flat padded feet
Approx 22cm high, sat upright
Conforms to European safety regulations

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