NI100 Centenary


The NI100 Centenary Committee formed in January 2020 and has participants from various community organisations as well as representatives from various political parties at all levels, Councillors, MLAs and an MP.

Next year is an exciting year with much to celebrate. Our aim is to ensure that right across Northern Ireland a legacy is created and that a roadmap towards the next 100 years of Northern Ireland.

Whilst many will have differing views on the formation of Northern Ireland we want to mark the occasion in a way that celebrates and commemorates all that is good about “our wee country”. We believe it is incumbent that we look back, acknowledge the present and look towards the future.

Our themes focus on Education and providing an educational resource in line with the curriculum that can be utilised in all schools. Our NI100 Words Competition for schools will give our children the opportunity to answer the following question. “I love Northern Ireland because...”

Our Oral History proiect will also leave a lasting legacy as we record the stories of those born in Northern Ireland 100 years ago.

The Northern Ireland 2021 Homecoming will give us the opportunity to showcase our great country and encourage visitors to visit their ancestral home.

In addition we aim to focus on our rich heritage and culture, great minds and innovations, food and drink and sports and entertainment. People from Northern Ireland have excelled across the globe so why not use this opportunity to celebrate their achievements. These events can be part of the Homecoming bringing visitors and much needed funds into the local economy.

2021 is a massive year for Northern Ireland. Working together we will help ensure that its is a roaring success.


NI100 Centenary Committee

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